“Ecstatic Dance is the way we use to gather as a community and dance to rhythms and beats for the purpose of celebration, healing, transformation and prayer.”

— Julia Ray, Ecstatic Dance Toronto Visionary



During our intro please arrive, ground, stretch, wiggle, dance, connect with friends or go inward and meditate quietly in a corner. Talking is allowed before Opening Circle.

We will come together for Opening Circle. The DJ will guide us through some gentle breathing stretches to awaken and relax the body. We will invite you into an optional theme as inspiration for your dance. Together we will settle onto the ground for an inspiring meditation.

Our Ecstatic Dance Journey will start. There is no talking during the journey however sounding is welcome. We play a variety of rhythms and beats from around the world that encourage movement and expression! The journey starts in a low beat to give your body the chance to ground, connect and warm up. The rhythms and beats progressively increase to an energetic peak and slowly come back to conclude with a smooth landing back into stillness.

We’ll gather for Closing Circle to sound and harmonize a little together and share reflections from the night (only if we wish).

Delicious snacks will be passed around and our circle will be open for community-inspired social time. (We need to be out of the building by 10:30pm.)

Invite your dancing friends and share the love of dance, music and community!

$25-30 cash at the door or email transfer
Email: hub@ecstaticdancetoronto.com
Location: Dundas E. & Parliament
237 Sackville St, Toronto, ON M5A 3G1


We create:

  1. A safe space that is inspiring and uplifting for you to dance in freely. 
  2. A space where our dancers can experience the healing force of dance.
  3. Diversity by sharing global music. 

The need for conscious, intentional, non-judgemental, undivided community gatherings has never ever been greater. 

We are Toronto’s leading weekly Ecstatic Dance with nearly 800 dances offered and counting.

Origins: Ecstatic Dance Toronto began on Saturday, January 7, 2006 at The Dovercourt House in Toronto, Canada. It was inspired by Julia Ray’s desire to take all the goodness of yoga off the mat in a way that would give people the full power to explore their embodied freedom. 737 dances were offered at the beautiful Dovercourt House over a 13 year span. Read the FULL origin story here.

Since 2019, with the challenges of dance and human gatherings, our community has become more nomadic …still dancing regularly where the spirit of what we do is welcomed.

We first brought the global term ‘Ecstatic Dance’ to Toronto. Literally, thousands have danced, healed and celebrated with us since our first dance in January 2006. Together, we keep the Spirit of community, music and dance alive and thriving. In return, our bodies, hearts and spirits are nourished. 

Our mission is to uphold the global standards for Ecstatic Dance as a sacred safe space for your spirit to move wild and free without substances. We do not dilute the experience by adding fillers or stimulants because we firmly believe we are all born with everything we need to thrive.

From early recorded human history, there is evidence of dance. Cave paintings from 40,000 years ago depict people dancing wildly. We want to heal the world by bringing ecstatic dance back to mass culture. 


As the world we know crumbles, we have a chance to rebuild. We intend to bring people together who may otherwise be divided. We invite you to come as you are to sweat, dance and connect with yourself and each other.  

We create a space that encourages you to express your embodied freedom. This is a space where you can feel free to move and express whatever is alive in you (big or small) and whatever comes up when you shake up your cells including stillness. 

Our space holds the potential to heal and repair, to uplift and evolve. We invite you to put energy into creative action both on and off the dance floor. 

We were born for these times. Let’s dance new possibilities into being. The time is now. Ecstatic Dance is our medicine.

When you join our dances, know that you are part of a global movement of humans devoted to the healing, repair and conscious awakening of humanity.



Most frequent questions and answers
Yes registration is required. Go to the Register page and follow the signup process.
Payment is at the door. We ask that you bring the correct change whenever possible. $25-$30 cash at the door.
Absolutely! No experience necessary for you to find yourself dancing freely like no one is watching or like everyone is watching. Shake. Wiggle. Flow. Move as you wish. Honour your body and your movement. Being surrounded by others dancing freely will help liberate your own dance.
Wear comfortable stretchy clothes that make you feel free, that you can sweat in and clothes that will move with you.

This is a practice that allows us to reconnect to every part of our body, including our feet. We dance with bare feet unless you have a medical reason that requires you to wear shoes. Then please let our team know.  

This is literally a dance for all ages and the bulk of our dancers range from their 20’s to well in their 50’s and beyond. Children are also welcome when accompanied by parents. Ecstatic dance is sweeping across the globe and many are jumping in to discover the essential goodness of moving freely with others to all kinds of fun and amazing musical journeys. All ages will feel very welcome!

Yes of course you can join the dance at any time after the start but best to join us from the start so you get the most out of your dance. Please note we do close the door during opening circle from 8pm-8:15pm.

We tend to live such busy and distracted lives that we don’t give ourselves enough opportunity to fully drop into our own bodies. It is an amazing experience to do so, requiring no additives or fillers. This is the beauty, power, freedom and joy of our discovering dance. It is a natural high. All you have to do is devote yourself to moving your body freely in whatever way you wish. 

Be sure to join our newsletter for get real time dance updates. It is the main place we will be updating our community regularly and in real time. 



We invite you

Dance, sweat and connect with yourselves and each other. This is a place where you can feel free to move and express whatever is alive in you (big or small) and whatever comes up when you shake up your cells including stillness. It is also nonverbal, barefoot, alcohol/drug-free to keep the experience intentional. Together we create a safe space for dance and authentic connection that is healing, inspiring and uplifting. Community, music and dance is our medicine.



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